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    Corporate Health Solutions
    We empathise the challenges that employers in today’s high stress work environment face when they want to provide high-quality health coverage for their employees in the most cost-effective manner.

    We strive to keep your employees healthy, and away from the hospital. We offer a wide range of healthcare solutions for our corporate clients, including:

    On-Site Doctor Services Our qualified family physicians can provide routine consultation and follow-ups for employees in their work place for fixed hours on pre-specified weekdays. Employees can also avail lab and pharmacy discounts at our clinic.

    Health Checks Our pre-employment health checks and annual health examinations are tailored as per your organisation requirements, thus saving both time and money for the organisation and the employee. We also identify potential work-related health concerns due to stress and lifestyle-induced conditions.

    Health Education for Employees- Wellness Workshops We organise sessions and health talks by our experts for HR-initiated health initiatives. Our interactive sessions on balancing of life, peer management, parenting skills and tips on how to manage work-related stress have garnered are appreciated. We can customize the sessions for you.

    Health Risk Analysis for your Organization We can help you to analyse the overall health profile of your employees and hence the health risk profile of your organization. Based on this, we can suggest solutions to minimise the health risks through various wellness programs for your employees.

    Customised Solutions Every organisation has its specific healthcare requirements and resources. And we recognise that. You can reach out to us to discuss your particular needs and rest assured we will offer you a customised solution. Feel free to reach out to us on +91 88866 88863 or e-mail us at info@ocimum.org
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